On this page I'm hoping to post some of the poetry that I have written myself over the past several years. Some of them came during times of trial and others during times of happiness and celebration. I would love to hear some feedback about my writing as I continually post more of my poetry.

A mirror, mirror on the wall
Isn’t a reflection after all
It shows the flaws upon your face
A hair just barely out of place
It makes you feel quite ill and sick
In a glance, just that quick.
But don’t believe a thing you see
For mirrors are not to be believed.
They cannot show your great big heart
Or strangers’ smiles each time you part.
Your looks are not who you truly are.

You are a bright and shining star.

Life is full of ups and downs
No time for questions, no time for frowns.
Just think the best of the time you had
And you’ll be happy instead of sad.

The future is tied to the past.
That is why some things don’t last.
They aren’t firmly founded
And therefore not bounded,
So the past will remain in the past.The future is tied to the past.
That is why some things don’t last.
They aren’t firmly founded
And therefore not bounded,
So the past will remain in the past.

Sometimes I just write little couplets that come to me:

Things fall apart
When not based on heart.

Lord, please help me to be strong,
Even as the days grown long.

Could he so quickly leave me by?
I cry and cry and cry and cry.

A lot of my poems are religiously based and they were written during my time as an LDS missionary in Arizona:

Army of God

We are in the middle of a dangerous war—
A much different war than we’ve ever fought before.
A massive army goes rolling on out,
Larger in number than you could ever count.
Sixty plus twenty plus six thousand more,
Going and knocking on door after door,
Searching out people to bring to the light,
Serving our dear Lord each day and each night.

I’m one of those valiant ones leaving quite soon.
I’ll be far from home, yet under that same moon.
Working extra hard, doing nothing but my best.
I can’t help but wonder, will I really pass the test?
Have I grown strong enough the gospel now to preach?
And do I know all the things that I’m going to have to teach?
I do know, however, that if I trust in God’s strength
His words, through my mouth, will travel great length. 

A lot of my poems were also written during the time that my husband and I were in a long distance relationship before we were married:

The distance is long, but the time—Oh how short!
It’s not all that hard with the love in my heart.
I long to be held in your arms once again
But for now all I’ve got is this paper and pen.

The distance is long and the time longer still
But the hourglass of time not a second it will spill.
I’ll try to make the most of it, not a moment lost on me now.
“I don’t want to forget a minute,” silently I vow.

And when my years are gone, I hope I can look back
To remember every bit of it, amazed that I kept track
Of all those many decades of things been, said, and done
Then lastly I will thank my God for the victories I have won. 

My darling, what are you doing today?
Now that I’m far and gone away.
Don’t worry, my dear, for you will see
I’ll return to you, you’ll return to me.
As the sun rises in your sky
In mine it now begins to die.
You’ve been so far for far too long
Yet our love is still so strong.
I’ve learned to live without you near
But sometimes I just need you here.
Life is hard, unfair, and tough
Just hold my hand, your skin so rough.
We’ll make it through just you and I
Once we’re beneath our same sky.

My heart from thee will never stray
As long as you will ask me, “stay.”
My love belongs to you always
May you forever believe this phrase.
You are my prince and my dear knight
Though I am not continually in thy sight.
You protect and fight and guard and pray
For I am your princess day by day.

I even have a category for "heartbreak" poems!

Personal mistakes,
Quickly my love takes,
Slowly my heart breaks,
My hand at my eye rakes,
My tears pool in small lakes,
Yet no apologies he makes.

Anger builds inside my heart…
Why would he so quickly part?
At his words, still, my heart doth leap.
His face, in mind still, as I sleep.

I care no more for loving words.
Feed them like bread, now to the birds.
Throw them, toss them, to impart
Wretched things that broke my heart.

Darkness drawn in by a cloud
Dare I speak the words aloud?
“I miss him very much,” I say.
And gently wipe the tears away.

Two hearts connected by a string
You’d think happiness to them would bring.
But really rips the two apart,
Hurting, pulling, damage the heart.

More a stranger day by day.
Why did I not just stay?
For each long moment I will pay,
Our uniting to delay.

Don’t you understand the things you do
Affect me and hurt me too?
On the bathroom floor in tears
You just continue to fuel my fears.
With each step you take today
We are just further away.

I feel lonely and stunned,
Out-manned and outgunned.
Tearing down my peace of mind
What exactly do you want to find?

I’m just sitting and waiting for you to call.
This is not what I wanted to happen at all.
Hours and hours pass on by.
And I’m left alone on this couch to cry.
Did you ever wonder what your actions cause?
If you knew, would it make you stop and pause?

Here are a few of my favorites:

He Knows How you Feel

At times in our lives it just doesn’t seem real
That the son of God knows how we must feel.
But every sadness, heartache, mistake we have made
By His father, as sacrifice, on His shoulders was laid.
The pain too much to bear, He let out a groan.
He was completely, utterly, and totally alone.
Before his despisers, accusers Him they did bring
And as a sheep before its shearer, He said not a thing.
Betrayed, beaten, battered and bruised.
Spit upon, mocked, torn, and fully abused.
Have you thought of how many lashes He bore?
Twenty? Fifty? Seventy? More?
Into His brow was pressed thorn upon thorn
A painful symbol of disbelief, shame, and scorn.
The scars left on His palms, torn was His skin
With the weight of His body He ore the weight of our sin.
So when you worry that nobody knows what you’ve felt
Or to you life’s cards have unfairly been dealt;
Trust me; in ways that the world can’t explain
He’s felt every bit, every ounce of your pain.

Something Greater

The Lord giveth and He taketh away.
Material objects—like the passing day.
It seems at times that we must constantly sacrifice,
But He has promised it’s always worth the price.
When in our hands we hold such a minor thing—
A trinket, a dream, a desire, a ring,
We treat it as our greatest treasure
Seeking from it happiness and pleasure.
If in faith we relinquish whatever we hold,
God replaces it with blessings more than gold.
In store for us there is always something greater
If we trust in Him and let go now instead of later.

Trust Me
Penned January 26th, 2015

Trust me, my child; I know what you’re going through is tough.
You wonder, “What I already gave, wasn’t it enough?”
When you’re crying on the floor and no one seems to care,
I can hear you. You think you’re all alone but I’m there.
“Will this nightmare ever end?” in agony you ask,
When your body and your mind crumble beneath the task.
The peace and comfort that so longingly you seek
Don’t seem to come when at times you feel so weak
In my wisdom, I just ask that you wait a little longer.
I promise, all of this will only make you stronger.
I hear your prayers, your cries, your pleas,
When you fall despairingly on your knees.
Just trust me and someday soon you’ll understand
Why what you wanted didn’t go as planned.
There will still be many times when you cry out in the night
But lovingly I’ll whisper “It’s going to be alright.”
Looking back at what you’ve gone through,
You’ll find that all of this was for you.
In the dim and dreadful depths of this dark hour,
You can’t comprehend my strength and power.
From the beginning I can see the very end.
And though you feel you’ll break instead of bend,
If you’ll have faith and trust in me
Things will end up how they’re supposed to be.

Twelve Men

James, the son of thunder, the roads of Judea he did walk.
Peter was a faithful man, sometimes known as The Rock.
Andrew was a fisherman on the ancient shores of Galilee.
Philip, a faithful disciple, invited his friend to come and see.
Nathaniel was an Israelite in whom there was no guile.
Matthew, also Levi, collected taxes for a while.
Doubting Thomas had once said, “Let us go and with him die.”
The son of Alpheus, James, the lesser (We really don’t know why).
Judas, not Iscariot—what can I say more?
Simon was a Canaanite, a zealot to be sure.
Judas sold the Master for the small price of a slave.
These are the apostles of the man who came to save.
Each one of these were martyrs and gave their dying breath.
Except for John, beloved, who never did taste death.


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