Awesome Book Blogs

I just wanted to give a shoutout today to a few awesome book/English blogs that I've seen around. These are definitely worth checking out if you're looking for new book recommendations or just some literary eye-candy.

BYU English Society Blog (

This blog is run by English major students at Brigham Young University. They post a wide variety of articles about individual students, their experiences, book reviews, and general English topics. The articles are contributed by students of all different backgrounds. Check it out and read some great writing!

Books to Shelves Blog (

The rest of the blogs I'm highlighting in the post are blogs that I found through Instagram. She has a lot of great photography on both the blog and Instagram (@bookstoshelves). This one of those accounts that I hope to be some day. She gives great reviews for books and takes very artistic photos that draw people in.

Lost in Literature (

This is a cool one because the site is run by two sisters who enjoy literature. They post a lot of reviews (spoiler free). I enjoyed reading their about page all about these two. I follow @lostinlit_becca on Instagram and love the photos that she posts.

Alice in Wonderbookland (

Seriously though...all of these blogs are my future goals. Nikki ( has a blog as well as a connected website for bookish products. She reads a lot of the same books that I do which is always nice to see. This is one blog that I'm definitely going to be checking out more in the future.

Bookworm Everlasting (

This blog is purely reviews which is typically the type of source I check out when my TBR list is running low. They post roughly one review a week which is a pretty good rate compared to mine. So if you're looking for more reviews than I can give you, follow @bookwormeverlasting.


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